Marceline´s diary – Chapter II

Hi all!

I´m back with another chapter. Last week the theme was: Why I have decided to write this blog? I wrote a little about me but not much so the theme of this post is: Who am I?

Marceline, Margueritte et Michelle :)
My cousins Margueritte, Michelle and me in Paris 🙂

I was born in Lyon, France, 19 years ago. Exactly on May 29th, 1997. My father is investigative journalist and my mother is teacher.  She teaches Spanish and French language, so I suppose I inherited my passion for languages from her. The strange thing is I have  better relationship with my father that with my mother. I´m literally Daddy´s girl :).

My mother is THE teacher. You know, the teachers don´t always leave their professional mask at school. And I have a little problem with the authorities. My mother is very close to my little sister, Monique. Of course, Monique is very sweet and she always does what my mother wants. She is 13, is a magnific student, is very friendly and she never causes problems… like me. Well, I know Monique is not so perfect. She is only a very lucky girl because my mother never discovers her antics. I love her so much but sometimes I´m little bit jealous of her relationship with my mother.

Then… my unkle Denis, brother of my father, lives in Paris. He was born in Lyon too but he moved to Paris very young. As I wrote in my first post his daughters, my twin cousins Margueritte and Michelle,  are now in Mexico. We are  great friends. They are amazing. Michelle is a fashion designer. Well she already study fashion design here in Mexico. O.K. Mexico isn´t exactly Mecca of fashion design but Michelle and Margueritte are inseparable and Margueritte is a big fan of mesoamerican anthropology so she always has wanted to study at National School of Anthropology and History in Mexico-city.

Now I see that I´m not writing about me. Doesn´t matter, my life isn´t so interesting and I can do it next time.

So the last and no less important part of my family is my best friend Kasim. I met him in lyceum. He moved to Lyon with his family from Germany but they are originally from Turkey. Well, his father is from Turkey and his mother is Canadian.  Kasim and his sister, Kadri, were born in Ankara where they had lived before moving to Berlin and then to Lyon.  Their parents are scientists so they move very often between universities. Now, when Kasim is in Mexico with me, they live in Toronto. Kadri has stayed in France.

I was in love with Kasim in lyceum, but when we became friends my feelings have changed. Now we are best friends ever. He is like my brother. I´m so happy I have him in my life. Especially now when we are in foreign and culturally very different country because is pretty difficult to be so far from my home. But it´s great experience and I love this city :).

Well… Now, mademoiselle Valois has to go to the school for her first French lesson as a teacher :). I hope I will survive it… and my students too.



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