Marceline´s diary – Chapter III


Another Tuesday and I´m here again. I hope I will be able to write every Tuesday, but lately I´m really tired. So many homeworks, so many books to read and now I must to prepare themes for my conversation classes too. But I have to say I love them. I never have thought I would like to be something like a teacher. My mother will be proud of me :).

Of course, my first class was a disaster. I was so nervous. I don´t like to be the center of attention and I was there in front of so many people. OK, they were ten students but all of them are only little younger than me. My first words, as a Mademoiselle Valois :), were quite embarrassing. I mixed up French with Spanish and I even stuttered, in both languages :D.

Fortunately, in that moment came my boss, Antonio, and saved me. He is the head of French Department of the Institute. A great person. First he said we will speak French only. No Spanish in my class. For the questions about grammar the students have another teachers. Then he decided that for the first class would be fabulous to introduce myself… obviously. When I finished five sentences about me, without stuttering, he proposed to the students a conversation activity. Every student could to ask me about anything related to me or to France. Great! I was terrified.

But at the end it was funny. The students didn´t ask about anything inappropriate. I’m not sure if they had been so kind with me without Antonio in the same classroom :). They asked me about my family, my university and Lyon. Some questions were about my experiences here in Mexico or about my plans for the future. I was terrified again. I have no plans. Do I have future? 🙂

So I answered something about to finish my studies, work for some intergovernmental organization and travel. BUT… I´m not sure. Well, I´m only sure about traveling. Simply, I would like to be happy and make something what I would love.

Front view of Palacio de Bellas Artes (The Palace of Fine Arts)
and Palacio Postal (The Postal Palace) on the right.

When Antonio left the classroom we started to speak about the themes for the next lessons and I decided to ask the students for little homework. They had to answer two questions for me. Who are you and why do you study French? I really would like to know my students better. I think it was a good start because eight students sent the text via email next day. Fortunately they were very sweet, all of them wrote they simply love the sound of French.

And what about my personal life in Mexico-city? Nothing. Nada. Rien. When I´m not at school, I´m studying at home or at the library. Yes, of course, I met some new friends between the students of the Institute. They are really nice but they talk about the school only. I would like to go out and discover this amazing country. I feel they aren´t interested in traveling all over Mexico. I proposed them to walk together to the Historic Center but they prefered to go for coffee in one of the many cafes of our neighborhood. So I went alone. This city is really amazing. So elegant and majestic. And so overpopulated too.

I would like to go out of the city but I must to wait a little because I´m afraid of to travel alone. I hope Kasim or my cousins will have time next weekend. At less for the trip to Teotihuacan…

BTW, Kasim began studying Nahuatl in UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). He is unstoppable :). But I suspect that this decision isn´t for his love for languages only… Magueritte takes the same course :).

So… I´m really kaput now. I hope you have had amazing week and I see you soon.

Au revoir! Et bonne nuit!



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