Marceline´s diary – Chapter IV

Hi all!

I know, two Tuesdays without new post. But I was really busy. The first Tuesday I “survived” my first earthquake. I adore this city but this experience was horrible. It was a earthquake of low magnitude and without losses so I´m not sure what I will do during a major one.

I hated it. The sirens began to sound very strong. Everybody started to leave the Institute serenely but I was very nervous. Yes, I didn´t feel the movement of the floor to much but the situation made me hysteric. And we were in the second floor… Now imagine, I live in the tenth floor of the student recidence. In that momment I decided to move out :).

I know, I´m exaggerated…  But during the earthquake I felt so defenceless and very scared. In Europe we are not used to something like that. The earthquake there are generally low and very rare.

Well, I decided to look for any other room. Unfortunately the Institute is not the only owner of the residence. The first five floors are designed to the students of another university.  Kasim want to stay in his current room, so I have to look alone. The problem is that I have no money. I asked to Antonio, my boss, if he I could to teach more groups, but in the Institute is impossible. Anyway he helped me so much because he offered me to be the baby-sitter of his children twice a week. Fortunately they are fabulous and Antonio´s wife too.

Playing with Paulina y Sebastian, Antonio`s children.
Playing with Paulina y Sebastian, Antonio`s children.

And… on last Monday I went to the school office to ask about possibility to offer private French lessons to the students of the Institute. When I was explaining my situation, the secretary rolled her eyes. Obviously… I´m crazy because I want to find work for to spend all my money for some room in first floor. So I felt really bad, like a exaggerated hysteric.

I left the office thinking about my possible madness 🙂 when somebody stopped me. I have known him from the Institute´s corridors. He introduced himself as Kristoff and said he had an interesting offer for me. He lives near to institute, in the first floor and… he is looking for roommate just now. Amazing…  He witnessed my abasement by the Institute´s secretary. And the price? Fabulous… Only 3000 pesos monthly. The same price I pay for the residence bedroom. I was in heaven.

On Tuesday I visited him for to see my future home and at this evening I´m finally leaving the residence. My fear of the earthquake is bigger than the fear of living with an unknown man :). But I think, I like Kristoff. I thought he was a student of the Institute, but he is actually one of the foreigner teachers from the English department. Kasim knows him better, he takes one of his classes – English and American Literature. Too much for my Franglish :).

The apartment is very small but really nice. I will have more space than in the residence bedroom. I will have access to the washing machine!!! I don´t like to use public laundry. Of course, the fact that I will share the kitchen and bathroom with only one person, it´s great too. So I´m really happy.

Ah… changing the theme and returning to Kasim. Of course he is dating with Margueritte.  But it´s a secret. I know it thanks to Michelle. I don´t understand why Kasim doesn´t want to say me. I think it´s great! Maybe he suppose that it´s will be rare for me because of my old feelings, but it´s ridiculous. I love them both so much, I hope they will be very happy together.

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