News: N.I. by T.F. – set for Déjà Vu and Matt body

I love dolls from Tonner Déjà Vu line and I really  love to create for them :). These sets are for my private collection because I used recycled fabric for the T-shirts and the impression of the N.I. by T.F. has a little fault. But for the next time I know where is the problem…


The sets are handmade (with original patterns made by me)  specially for dolls with Tonner Déjà Vu and Matt body. The female set includes trousers (with funcional pockets), blouse, two bracelets, necklace and little handbag. The male one includes trousers (with funcional pockets, T-shirt, bracelet and messenger bag.


As I said, these sets are for my private collection but in future I´m going to fabricate them for sale for each doll body I have. Each set would cost 40 USD plus shipping  if you buy it directly (please, write me to or 45 USD  plus shipping on ebay.  The shipping via Mexican Post service with included tracking number to USA is 5 USD, to Canada and Europe is 7 USD and to the rest of the world is 10 USD.

N.I. by T.F. – female set – set for Déjà Vu body

nibytf1nibytf2 nibytf4nibytf3nibytf5

N.I. by T.F. – male set – set for Matt body

nibytf6 nibytf7 nibytf8 nibytf9 nibytf91

More jeans fore sale soon…



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