Marceline´s diary – Chapter V

Hello everybody!

Here I´m with more news about my mexican adventure.

Last Saturday I moved from the student residence. I spent the Sunday at home. First I did my homeworks and houseworks because I had work in Antonio´s house on Saturday evening. So all my stuff was in boxies without any order. By the way I LOVE the washing machine :). Yes, I know, it´s weird but I hate the idea that somebody unknow is touching my clothes.

Then Kasim, Margueritte and Michelle visited me. We had a great afternoon. We were talking, laughing so much and planning our first trip to Teotihuacan for the next weekend. Finally. Kristoff was out all day. He came back in evening, so he joined us for the dinner. We ordered tacos from his favourite restaurant. Do you know tacos al pastor? It´s a heaven. Mexican cuisine is really exquisite. The only thing I miss here is a good bread. Mexican bread is rare and tastes sweet. Horrible. The european bread is good here, there is a french bakery near to the house, but is so expensive… I defenitely prefer to eat corn tortilla now :).

Margueritte and Michelle left at nine o´clock and Kasim a little later. Kristoff and I decided to open a bottle of french vine I had bought for to thank him for the opportunity of living out of residence. We drank wine, ate cheese and talked a lot. So now I know that he is from New Mexico, where he lived all his life until he came to Mexico for finish his Master of Universal Literature. Well, except one year international exchange programme in Bath University. During the last year of his studies in Mexico he began to teach english conversation in the Institute and when he finished his Master, the Institute hired him permanently for different classes of literature and creative writing, all of them in English. He also colaborates with various magazines and of course he is working on his own book… second one.

What a lucky guy! He lives a life he wants… and above all he knows what he wants.


We talked about a little about my family and my friends here in Mexico. Nothing too interesting. I invited him to join us to Teotihuacan but I suppose he has another plan. Obviously he has been a lot of times in Teotihuacan because every visit he has want to go there. He said he will let me know until Thursday.

Well, we both drank two glasses of wine and I decided to go to the bed. It was nice day and I really enjoyed his company but I had to wake up early on Monday.

Yesterday, on Monday, I was focused on my study. I will have a first oral exam on Wednesday so I´m little bit nervous. Political geography of Mexico… I love it but there are so much rare names. Iztaccíhuatl is one of the easiest to pronounce :). I have to say those words very slowly a lot of times for to be able to pronounce them without stuttering.

Today I was all day in the Institute. First for my usual classes of theory and linguistic, in the afternoon I had the french conversation with my students so I came back to my new home in the evening again. Now I´m really tired of studying. Doesn´t matter if I´m able to pronounce “archipiélago de Revillagigedo” or not. I made my dinner, poor quesadilla with canned chipotle salsa, and I´m writing this post.  Kristoff isn´t at home so I´m enjoying my loneliness and fabulous silence.

And now, my friends, I´m going to bed… Good night!


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