News… or just spring greetings from Mexico

Well, first a big appology for long silence. Marceline is OK but I was really busy so I had no time to write another chapter of her diary.

One of the reasons I was so busy, it was my work on a large and very dificult translation from Czech to Spanish I had to finish last week… It burned my brain so this week I wasn´t able to write in English or to create for dolls.  But the good side of this “problem” was the fact that I finally could buy Agatha Primrose Yoyo Mode with the extra money from the translation :). 


When Tonner presented Agatha I liked her but I was sure I wouldn´t buy her. I have Revlon 13 and I don´t need another doll with the same body. But months ago I saw Deborah´s photos of Agatha with Déjà Vu girls. I began to imagine Yoyo Mode as a little sister for Marceline and in that moment was born Monique…

But I had to wait a little because I just had bought Kristoff (Halvar) and he was really expensive. Thanks to the “Alexander´s relative autonomy of the culture (the theme of the document I translated 🙂 ) I was able to buy Agatha last week. Now she is in NY on way to me :), I hope, she will arrive next week.

And the second reason for to be away from the dolly world it was the amazing surprise which my husband and I have prepared for my son. Pablo loves pets, specially dogs so after much consideration we decided to give him a puppy <3.  We were so lucky… our friend´s nice yorkie just had puppies so they gave us one.

Chirpa (our little yorkie terror) is adorable but she´s too young so I´m working  or I playing with her all the time. I hope everything will be easier when she will can to go out for a walk but for this moment she had to be here all the time and she is very active :).


I hope I will be back with the Marceline´s diary next Tuesday… I have so much plans…  but first I have to finish next chapter of Marceline´s diary and new sets for FR16 I´m working on…


See you soon…  ❤

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