Marceline´s diary – Chapter VI

Bonsoir, mes amis!

I´am really very sorry for so long time without any post. The last time I wrote, we were planning our first trip to Teotihuacan. And it was fabulous. What an amazing place. Unfortunately Michelle and Margueritte couldn´t join us. I´m sure it would be gorgeous to go with Margueritte because she knows so much about Pre-Columbian cultures and above all about Teotihuacan. I hope we will we’ll go back together someday.

So I went there with Kasim only.  We enjoyed it so much. We talk about everything during the bus ride, as in the old days in France :). He finally said me about his relationship with Margueritte. And in Teotihuacan we walked a lot and of course we climbed the most important pyramids – The Pyramide of the Sun and the Pyramide of the Moon. It was magical.


The last week the final exams have started and I am working on my final project so I have no time. Even in this moment I should be translating but my brain is burned. The part of the final evaluation is a traslation of some mexican legal text. And I hate it. I definitely prefer prose. The problem is that if you are not a famous and magnificent translator, you will starve if you choose to translate literature only :(. And I´m not famous and magnificent… yet :). For the same reason I have chosen to study legal spanish and introduction to law too.

So I have spent a major part of my time at the school, preparing glossaries and studying at home. I have no news. My life is so boring. I’ve always thought that the life of an exchange student is full of adventures. Not my case. I hope, it will change in summer above all on vacation.

First because I will haven´t classes and second because Monique will come to visit me. Yes, she will spent her summer vacation here in Mexico. Thanks God without my parents :). Of course I miss them, especially my father, but I don´t like travel with them. My mother can be so overwhelming. The first idea was that she would come with Monique but for Monique this trip is a birthday gift and she wants to travel alone for first time.

I have prepared a plan a little. We will travel here in Mexico and because Monique wants to improve her school Spanish, I enrolled her in the summer school course the Institute organize every years for foreigners. I suppose she will be the younger student there but she is very inteligent and she loves “to be adult” :). I thought that the problem would be the accommodation but fortunately Kristoff does not mind Monique lives with us in the summer.

Talking about Kristoff and my new home :)… I´m so happy I moved out from the student residence. Kristoff is a great roomie. I really like him. The only thing I hate about him is his accent in French :).  Well, it´s a reciprocal affair, because he hates my accent in English. And I have to say that my English accent is really frightening. We usually speak Spanish but we decided to take advantage of our multilingual home so we use to one hour per day for the language exchange. One day English and the other French. It´s hilarious, very funny.

Well… I hope I will write again soon. But please be patient with me…

Mille baisers…

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