Marceline´s diary – Chapter VII

Coucou! Ça va bien? ❤

I hope you have had better week than I do.  First I failed the exam of the mexican Constitutional law… I will have to repeat it next week :(. Then, during my exam of consecutive interpreting, I caused a terrible faux pas because I spoke in French when I had to speak in Spanish and vice versa and I did not realize that until Antonio started laughing. I was so nervous.

I suppose the worst moment of my last week it was the second when I spilled hot coffee (with almond milk) into my laptop. Fortunately I saved the hard drive but the keyboard was totally lost. I had to buy external keyboard for to be able to finish the translations I needed for the evaluation. And when my parents sent me the money for to buy new laptop I finally could go to buy it. But I know NOTHING about technology. The only thing I knew it was that I don´t want Mac :).

I hoped Kasim would help me but he never answered the phone. So I went to the first big department store and I bought what the salesman had recommended to me. I have no idea if is good laptop or not but it works… Well, now it works because when I returned from the shop I realized that the computer didn´t have any program… only Windows 10. I was really hysterical and in that moment I saw the date on on the bottom bar of the screen – May 29th.

My birthday! I forgot my own birthday! And worst even Kasim, Michelle, Marguerite, Monique and my parents have forgot my birthday. I couln´t believe it. My father and Kasim? Impossible. I felt so alone… Suddenly the laptop was shutted down by itself and I started crying. Now I know the problem wasn´t so serious. The computer battery was simply over 🙂 but in that momment I imagined that I had bought damaged machine.

Well, when  I was really desperate Kristoff came home… with a shopping bag full of bread from Maison Kayser (famous French bakery), French cheeses, pâté and one bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. The unique person remembered my birthday, including me, was my fabulous roomie. Incredible :). What a nice surprise and what a sweet gesture!


So we opened the bottle inmediatly and I talked him about all disasters I have had during the last week. Kristoff sent a WhatsApp to one of our neighbors, Patricio – IT specialist, and he invited him to join us :). Patricio came inmediately and obviously discovered the reason of the “lack of energy” of my laptop. During a few hours we were enjoying the improvised French birthday party he uploaded to my new laptop all programs I needed. I was so happy… and little bit drunk. Of course, I opened another bottle of wine when the gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon was caput :). But it was Saturday… so no problem.

Now, in the morning I discovered my dead mobil phone. When I relived it I found all lost birthday wishes from my “old” friends. I´m a such lucky girl. I have a great “old” and fabulous “new” friends so I think it doesn´t matter if I have bad luck at the school or with the computers :).

Okay, I hope my next week will be more successful. I promise I will never put coffee near the computer again. And now, let´s study The Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico :(…

Un gros gros câlin!

PS: By the way, Patricio is really handsome guy 😉 …  and I´m writting this post from my new and VERY funtional laptop :).








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