Marceline´s diary – Chapter VIII

Hello! How are you?

This time I have no news. My last days was little bit boring because when I finally had finished all my exams I got sick. The same story always when some stressfull time ends. I supose when the adrenaline decreases, the immune system weakens too. So I spent my last week at home. The only contact I had with the exterior world was thanks to Kristoff… and the internet of course.

I´m very happy Kasim and Margueritte are dating but I never have imagined that Kasim could be so distant with me :(. No way… It´s time to be more independent. But it´s actually unpleasant to be sick alone in a foreign country. I had no idea how the health system works here in Mexico. So first I tried to heal myself with a lemon tea and honey and a classic chicken soup. Unfortunatelly the fever increased so I had to ask a favor to Kristoff.

The doctor gave me antibiotic so I felt me better very soon. Anyway Kristoff  kept bringing chicken soup from the local “mercado” all this week :D. Ah… and that strange dense green dring, some kind of smoothie, called “licuado antigripal”. Kristoff  is the best roomie ever.

My problem was that obviously he couldn´t to be at home all the time so it was really boring. So boring that I have watched two korean soap operas  (I love korean “dramas” 🙂 ) and many movies at Netflix. I finished two Spanish and two English courses on Memrise and than I have started Italian and Russian courses in Duolingo. For those who never have heard about Memrise and Duolingo, they are fabulous smartphone´s  Apps for help you to learn foreigner languages for free. I love them and I´m absolutely adicted to both of them.  Yes, I know, I´m crazy.

The Italian is much easier for me. Of course it´s very similar to Spanish. Although can you explain me why “caramella” and “tigre” are female gender in Italian? 🙂 On the contrary Russian is another story. First I took the course of the cyrilic alphabet because  I always have been fascinated and intimidated by different kinds of alphabets. When I finished that course, I decided to begin the course of Russian for to practice more. But this language is a real nightmare :). I´m still not able to write correctly “Здравствуйте” (a formal greeting) without any help. Now I understand why some  people complain of French orthography :D. For example Kristoff.


Monique and I in front of the Musée de la Poupée in Paris. ❤

Well, the recapitulation: I watched Netflix, I studied languages and of course I have prepared some plans and surprises for Monique´s visit. She will arrived next week. I can´t wait :). I miss her so much. I bought her a fabuous doll on ebay I´m sure she will love her. Monique is obssesed with the dolls. Especially with one of them we bought during out visit in Musée de la Poupée  (the doll museum in Paris). We named her Nicole.  My mother forbade Monique to travel with Nicole to Mexico. So I decided to buy her another one here.  The doll I bought is made by the same company as Nicole but she has tan skin, black hair and dark eyes. I´m going to transform her to a Nicole´s mexican friend :).

Another plan I have is our trip to Cuernavaca, a town near to Mexico-city. Antonio, my boss, has a nice house with garden and swiming pool there and I decided to rent it for few days. The original plan it was to go with Monique only but when I talked with Michelle, she said me she would like to go with us. Then Michelle talked with Margueritte. Obviously Margueritte and Kasim want to go too. So I also invited Kristoff. 🙂 Fortunately the house is very large and Antonio agrees.

Well… that´s all, my friends :).  Now I´m going to watch another chapter of my korean soap opera :).

до свидания. Saluti e baci a tutti. 😀






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