Marceline´s diary – Chapter IX

Hi all!

So long time without writing my diary. The summer vacation is almost gone. Monique will flight back to France tomorrow. I was really busy enjoying the time with my friends. I am so happy and I have so many news. This summer was the best ever. I spent it with my best friends, my adorable little sister and… my boyfriend. Yes, this is the first news :).

Well, when Monique arrived to Mexico we enjoyed some time here. I introduced her to all my friends, she begun to study the summer course and we visited some of the most important places of Mexico-city.

Then we traveled to Cuernavaca as I had written in my last post. What a gorgeous house. Large garden, swiming pool, a lot of nice rooms and fabulous weather. But the best it was the company. We really enjoyed those days together.


It was so relaxing. We were enjoying all days talking in the garden or swiming in the pool. The guitar, sound of the fountain, barbecue, wine, a lot of vegetables and fruits – paradise. I could live my whole life there. Antonio is a lucky man. Ah… he came to visit us there but unfortunatelly he couldn´t stay long time, because he was going to Acapulco where his family spent the vacation.

I was a little worried about the Kristoff´s presence in our family group but it was amazing. Monique likes him so much. Of course she doesn´t  loves him as much as she loves Kasim, because Kasim is her big brother :).  My cousins and Kasim accepted him without problems too. And me?


Well, it´s strange to write about it, but this is my diary, so I have to do it :). I never have imagined that Kristoff would have been interested in me.  Of course, I like it. He is very nice person, fabulous friend and yes, he is handsome too.  Not my type exactly, but handsome. But I supposed he had some sweet and beautiful mexican girlfriend, which was the real reason for him to stay in Mexico. I never have thought so much about his private life and I am also very clumsy on these issues. So it was really surprising when Kristoff talked with me about his feelings.

 At the first moment I wanted to answer him that I liked him so much as a friend  but then he took my hands in his. The sensation was incredible! I´m not exactly a romantic person so I can´t believe that it was the famous chemistry :), but I´m sure it was really very nice and magical.

Doesn´t matter if it was because of the famous chemistry, wine or simply because I have been a long time without any type of romantic relationship, but finally  I didn´t say anything I had planned. I just kissed Kristoff as answer.


And that was the best decision I would have made… It happened more than a month. Now I am sure I´m in love with Kristoff and I´m really very happy.

The only thing I am afraid of the problems our relationship could cause in the Institute. Kristoff is not my teacher but finally he teaches there.

Well, this was the first post about my summer. I hope I will write more very soon because I have more news :).

Good night, my friends!

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