Marceline´s diary – Chapter X

Hi there!

First, let´s continue writing about my summer :).

When we came back from Cuernavaca I looked for another trip we could take with Monique and I discovered very cheap one to Ixtapa.  What an amazing place. Beautiful beach, clear and turquoise sea, nice people and fabulous cusine. Monique really loved it there and me too.  I hope we will back in the future. It´s the first mexican beach resort I have visited. Ixtapa is not so famous as Caribbean resorts but it´s magnificent. I can´t imagine Caribbean beaches are still more beautiful.


We had a great time in Ixtapa, enjoying the beach, ocean and magnificent weather. I have to come back with Kristoff. I missed him there so much. Yes,  I´m cheesy and I know it :D.


Talking about Kristoff… When Monique flew back to France, we had all the time for us. Everything was amazing, as a romantic movie, until we returned to the school. We enjoyed the last week so much. We went together to diferent places here in Mexico-city, we ate in nice restaurants, we also went to dance salsa :)… it was really funny because I´m very bad dancer and Kristoff too.

We forgot a rest of the world. I haven´t spoken with anybody of my friends. I suppose it was a big error because I feel them more distant, specially Margueritte and Kasim. The problem is that now, when we returned to the reality, I need to talk with someone urgently.

The truth is that since we got back to school, everything is a bit strange. I guess, chiefly because Kristoff has a new boss. Unfortunately his new boss is my new English teacher too. I don´t like her. OK, I accept, I´m jealous. She is incredibly beautiful and very sexy. And unpleasant with me… but with Kristoff is another person. She is like a tipical latin american soup opera star. So sexy, voluptuous, and very feminine but also false, double-dealing, manipulative and scheming.

The problem is that Kristoff likes her. He talks a lot about her and worse, he has spent a lot of time with her. We just finished the very first week at the school and the English departement already has had two parties. Obviously, the new boss needs to know well the whole departement.

In fact Kristoff appreciates her so much that he decided to inform her about our relationship without consulting with me. Obviously I would not have agreed, I don´t trust her. But Kristoff argued that if I had told to my boss, Antonio, so why couldn´t he tell it to his boss too.  It was our first real dispute :(.

I´m not sure if is because my jealousy… I don´t think so. Normally, I´m not a jealous person. It´s weird…

Well, I hope next post will be more optimistic :D. Meanwhile, have a great time.

Bisous à tous!

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