Suni – Elsa Lin Incognito – FR:16 – Integrity Toys (2015)

I have supposed my first FR:16 doll (Maite – Anais McNight) would be my last too, but last year Integrity Toys presented the most beautiful FR:16 doll I had ever seen🙂 – Elsa Lin Incognito.


What an exquisite doll! I love dolls with asian sculpt and Elsa is definitely one of the most beautiful of them.  And in comparation with my first FR:16 (Anais), Elsa has an amazing natural make-up and wonderfull long hair.

So when I discovered her nude, months ago, in one of my favourite shops (, I couldn´t resist more🙂. And finally I´m sharing her photos with you. Enjoy!

suni1 suni2 suni3 suni4

Playing with Suni :)…

Suni in Evangeline´s lingerie, jewelry and shoes by Blackvetlus: suni5 suni6

Suni in Radiant in Ruby Charlotte´s gown, jewelry by Blackvetlus: suni7

And Suni as a fabulous model of N.I. by T.F. in Helena outfit made by me: helena_obscuro3

And finally Suni with Maite: helena3aobe helena3obe

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