News: Fuerza México – set for Déjà Vu, Agatha Primrose and Ellowyne – 100 % will be donated

100 % will be donated

The sets are handmade (with original patterns made by me)  specially for dolls with Tonner´s Déjà Vu, Agatha Primrose and Wilde´s Ellowyne body. The sets include trousers (made from Robert Kaufman cotton fabric) with funcional pockets, belt, cotton blouse with art by Pablo :), ring, necklace, earrings, handbag, headband and three bracelets (to put the bracelets is necessary to remove the hands of your doll). The dolls and shoes are not included.

The art you can see at the top is made by my little son Pablo after the horrible earthquake on 19th september 2017.

The each set costs 40 USD, shipping included, and 100 % of your payment will be donated to Los Topos (mexican rescue team) who are a great support for all of us here in Mexico. You can find a lot of information about them, so please don´t worry about the credibility of this fundation.

I would like to explain you that there are two or more groups of Los Topos. Some of them don´t accept money apportation, others do it because they have not any other help. But all of them are amazing and they help and helped so much, not in Mexico only. They definitely deserve our support.

Please, if you are interested, FIRST let me know to or here in my blog and I will contact you with the paypal direcction for to send your donation (directly to Los Topos). When the donation will be sent, I will ship your packet to your home. Thank you very much for your support.

Fuerza México – set for Déjà Vu

Fuerza México – set for Agatha Primrose

Fuerza México – set for Ellowyne

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