Rosalba – Nancy, Días de lluvia by Famosa – birthday gift for my friend

Rosalba is one of my husband’s best friends and I love her too. And more because she loves dolls so much. Years later I fixed her old dolls for her and she was really happy with my work. Every time she can admire my dolls, she looks like a little girl enjoying her favourite toy. So when  my husband told me about the Rosalba´s birthday party, I was sure we would give her a doll.

Days ago I bought Nancy, Días de lluvia, by Famosa. No, I am not leaving Tonners. For me doesn´t matter that Tonner doll canceled their fashion characters. I love them and I will love them always. Nancy is very nice but she is not my cup of tea. I bought her for her umbrella. I know, I´m crazy :), but Marceline badly needed it :D. This Nancy was a perfect doll for Rosalba. Brown eyes, nice dark brown hair… exactly like Rosalba. So I decided to fabricate clothes, jewelry and shoes similar to the clothes and accessories Rosalba uses frequently. I just decided to make mini-Rosalba. And… here she is:

And here is mini-Rosalba with very happy Rosalba:  

Very Happy Birthday, Rosalba :D.



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