Happy 2018! ¡Feliz 2018! Šťastný 2018! Bonne année 2018! Felice 2018! …

Happy 2018! ¡Feliz 2018! Šťastný 2018! Bonne année 2018! Felice 2018! …

Yes, I´m late. Again. 🙂

I had great 2017. I met a lot of fabulous people cause my new job. I worked so much, I traveled (I hope I will upload Marceline photos soon because she joined me), I enjoyed time with my family and friends. It was a very nice year. But unfortunatelly I had no time for my dolly projects. So one of my resolutions for 2018 is to sew more, to create more and to write more.

One year ago I bought my last doll, Miette. The drastic change of Tonner Doll business direction also changed my behaviour as a collector. I realized that I have really fantastic dolls. I don´t need more. I have more than I need and I don´t play with them. Yes, the new Tonner Doll dolls are very nice, but they are not my cup of tea. I love classic Tyler line, Antoinette body and above all Déjà Vu line.

So now I prefer don´t buy more dolls. I don´t looking for any other brand of fashion dolls. Of course I have a little wishlist including dolls I have never bought and now is impossible to find them. No way… I will dedicate my time to the dolls of my collection. I hope 2018 will be great year for them.

And for you too. Happy 2018.


Marceline (Spicy Night Déjà Vu) and Kristoff (Halvar by Déjà Vu) enjoying sunset in Grand Canyon National Park.

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