Fantastic play-line props for my Tonner dolls

Collecting Fashion Royalty or another 12 inch dolls has a great advantage. You can utilize a lot of fabulous props made for Barbie. But if you are a collector of 16 inch dolls you are very limited. The most of props for Tonner dolls, another 16 inch Fashion dolls or MSD are very expensive.

Do you know the fantastic doll house for 1:4 scale dolls made by Dagmar Nelson? It´s incredible. My dream come true. I die of envy whenever I see her photos (L). Dagmar is so talented and creative. She used different brands of play-line dolls accessories for to use them in her amazing doll house. On Facebook she named American Girl, for example.

Thanks to Dagmar´s comment I started to put my attention to 18 inch play-line dolls and I discovered more brands. American Girl, Our Generation, Nancy by Famosa, Journey Girl, etc. They have so many fabulous accessories. But… years ago it was impossible to find here in Mexico more than Nancy without accessories :(. Of course I could to buy them on e-bay but every props for 18 inch dolls is very big = the postage is expensive.

Finally, I only found this fantastic bench, but I don´t know its brand.

So when I was first time in Target in New Mexico I had to buy my first Our Generation horse.

OG Thoroughbred Horse

I was so happy 😀 and sad at the same time, because it was impossible to bring with me via airplane the fabulous retro car Marceline tried to drive there.

OG Our Generation Retro Cruiser

Next I discovered Our Generation shop in Monterrey, Mexico. The shipping cost isn´t so expensive like from US but it´s high too. So I bought one bicycle only.

OG Anywhere You Cruise Bicycle

And then everything changed. Juguetron and Liverpool sell Our Generation now. So on Black Friday I had to buy another horse. Of course Marceline can´t ride alone :D.

OG American Paint Horse

And suitcase with lot of accessories. Fabulous for Marceline, my principal travel doll.

OG Well Traveled Luggage Accessory Set

And in the department of toys of Liverpool I discovered Nancy by Famosa too. Above all her nice umbrella.

Famosa Nancy – Días de lluvia

For the last New Year I was in US again. Of course, I visited Target in El Paso for to check the new stuff by Our Generation and I discovered the new version of the retro car… But again I could not to travel with so enormous packet. So I bought the tent and badminton pack only. Marceline loves adventure :D.

OG Pegged Accessory – Camping
OG Badminton Love









In Mexico the most important time for toy shops is before January 6th. After this date they are almost empty and in February many of them has new stuff. So I was checking the Juguetron web page and I saw it!!!!! The amazing pink Our Generation retro car was there. Only 10 minutes from my home. Obviously I had no choice :D. I reorganized all our closets because my husband´s condition was to have space in some of our closets. This new version hasn´t the removable roof, but we are in Mexico, so who does need the roof? :D.

OG Retro Convertible Car

Now the only thing Marceline need, is her house… and the scooter :D. Is impossible to build doll house in our apartment. For now… But here is Marceline´s new scooter by Nancy.

Famosa Nancy y su scooter rosa

Well, all the play-line props are very “play-line” and pink, except the horses. They are fantastic. So now, I would like to change the color of car, scooter and bicycle. The umbrella need another color too.  I hope I will show you their finished version soon. I hope to have more time for to play with my dolls and take them pictures too.

Oh… I almost forget the glasses Marceline and Kristoff use. Marceline’s are from Bratz (My passion Cloe) and Kristoff´s from Ever After High (Dexter Charming).

Bratz – My passion Cloe
Ever After High – Dexter Charming








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  1. I have ten 16″ Tonner fashion dolls, and I am looking for ideas for posing them. I am charmed by your ideas for props! I think my two Diana Prince dolls need horses for sure. Thank you for putting these on your blog.

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