Minnie´s trip to Europe XI. – Milan (Italy)

Milan obviously does not need presentation either. Another fabulous, elegant and majestic european city. We enjoyed it so much thanks to my husband’s great italian friends. Of course, the best way to know some place is joing local people and italians are famous for their hospitality.

I am really very grateful for all the time and nice details we received from our european friends. Thank you so much. I hope we will be together soon. In Mexico, Milan, Prague, Brno or Madrid.


I don´t like hightness and many people in little space neither, so I decided to not to go up to the Duomo and to visit the Christmas market with my son. We are a terrific team :D, especially when we have money :D. Look what a wonderful vintage bike we found at the market.

I have Our Generation bike, but it´s too big and too pink. This italian bike is FABULOUS. It is perfect scale miniature for 16 inch fashion dolls. I LOVE it.




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