From Ryan to Rayne … and more

What do you want for your 40th birthday?

I don’t know. Tonner doll closed. I do not like BJD. Fashion Royalty neither. Terrible. I will recieve gift for adult woman? N e v e r …

Step 1 – I did not like very much Ryan Roche but it was the unique new “Tonner doll” on the market when my husband asked me about my birthday gift. Well, I checked them and I said him about Sable. “O.K., I will see.” Of course, he is Mexican, so when he wanted to see the matter of the Sable doll for me, it was totally sold out. What a surprise. RyanRocheBasic2

Step 2 – Well, no dolly options. So my husband and my son were started to desing my new tattoo for my 40th birthday. But … I was still disappointed about to not close my collection with another new doll with the newest Tonner body. And … I discovered Just Rayne Midnight on one of FB groups. She looks amazing, the classic Tonner elegance so she would be the perfect birthday gift for my from all my family. I wrote to the seller inmediatly but when she realized I am in Mexico, she answered the doll is sold out and she anyway does not want to ship to Mexico because … you know issues. Well, I am european but I live16 years in Mexico and I am receiving and shipping dolls and accessories all the time and only one packet has not been delivered. But I understand … rayne-br

Step 3 – On e-bay I discovered Just Rayne but Auburn. It was auction so I bided but then I asked about shipping to Mexico. The seller said she will if Global Shipping delivery to Mexico. Great. I have received a lot of items via Global Shipping. The only thing is that Global Shipping charges customs but I never pay customs when I buy in US without Global Shipping. Amazon even returns the money they charge for the customs, if it is not used, but Global Shipping does not. Why? Because they can. rayne-red

Step 4 – Well, I was waiting for the result of the auction. But then I visited all my favorite sellers for to know if they offer Rayne dolls. And I discovered Ryan Roche dolls on Cherished Friends. I decided to buy Ryan Roche Platinum, but I had to wait for lossing of the auction. “Sure, Just Rayne is sold out so I will obviously lose the auction: D”. I recievided the e-mail from ebay on Thursday. Great. I went directly to the Cherished Friends and ordered Ryan Roche Platinum. RyanRocheBasic3

Step 5 – Waiting for the reply from Cherished Friends I checked all their web … and I discovered Wonder Woman sale !!! 140 USD for the basic WW? And she has the new RTB 101 body too. And three pairs of hands. And she looks tan… and … and … and. I wrote to Cherished Friends for a change my order. They are amazing and very professional. Very very nice people. As always they made me happy and my WW was on her way to Mexico next day.  ww1

Step 6 – Why step 6 when did you buy your birthday doll in step 5? Well … on Friday in the morning I spoke to my boss about my newest purchase and when I finished I received e-mail from e-bay. The bid that won was canceled. What ??? Wait … for the night another bid will win me. Of course … that did not happen … : D. I was the only bidder and the seller was so nice with me so I could not cancel her: D. No way … I will have two RT101 dolls and no money: D. rayne-red

Step 7 – My boss decided to give me Rayne for my birthday. The only condition is that Rayne will be named Blanka: D.

Step 8 – So my WW arrived three days ago and Rayne (Blanka) is in Post Office ready for to be delivery next week.  And I know it, because Mexican Post Service has tracking system 😀 and it works. I swear… And USPS tracking system tracks packets in Mexico too.

Screenshot of Mexican Post Service tracking of my WW packet.

CONCLUSION: I have the best family and the best boss in the world: DDD

PS: all pictures used in this post are official Tonner doll photos.

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