N. I. by T. F. in COVID time…

It’s been a long, long time… since I uploaded last post – almost one year, since I took photos to my dolls – many months, since I received my last doll – almost one year too. But now I have a time, lot of time. Of course is very sad time but cause the COVID lockdown here in Mexico-city, I have time for so many tasks at home. And now I even have time for my dolls. So I am back, I hope not during the lockdown only.

I have prepared so much posts I would like to upload. Photos from Medellin, Oaxaca, etc. Presentations of my dolls from my collection, Marceline’s diary. And of course my new (not so new) creations.kara5But I wanted to start my return with this diorama, my current travel doll at home doing home office :D. The clothes are new and I will describe them in another post. I used Plaza Mildendo furniture and some miniatures from OG and re-ment. The guitar and the laptop I bought on e-bay. The Louis Vuitton bag is made by Blacksvetlus and the little cake is made by the Erika. But this time I made some miniatures too – the books and the chocolate boxes. kara6The tarot cards and chocolate boxes I printed from Marmarky web-site. And the books I made from scratch. I used photos from amazon, they often show cover and back cover so I had to unite them in Photoshop only. kara7kara8 I hope, I will be back with another post soon.



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