Mareceline in Medellín – sets for Déjà vu Tonner body

In September 2017, Marcelin visited Medellin, Colombia. You can see her pictures here:

I have not a lot of time for my dolls before the COVID quarantine, but I always made new clothes for the trips of my travel dolls. I also made some clothes for Marceline’s trip to Medellin. Here they are…

 The first set includes trousers with functional pockets, blouse and handbag.

The second is raincoat only.

The third set includes short with functional pockets and blouse. The little suitcase is made by Blackvetlus.

The fourth set includes skirt and blouse.

The last set includes cotton trousers with functional pockets, Mexican football team T-shirt and knitted handbag.

All sets are handmade (with original patterns made by me) especially for dolls with Déjà vu Tonner body. The jewelry is the same for all clothes made for the trip to Medellin.  The sneakers I bought in Facet by Marcia years ago and Marceline´s glasses are by Bratz.


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