Tamy – Training Armor Wonder Woman – Tonner doll (2018)

I received two dolls for my 40th birthday. The first one, I alredy presented, was Blanka, the gift from my fabulous boss, and the second one, I´m presenting you, is Tamy, the gift from my fabulous husband. The whole story about my birthday gift selection you can read HERE.

So, here is Tamy, originally Training Armor Wonder Woman. My second doll with the RBT 101 Tonner doll body.

Tamy came with her original outfit and accessories. I really love her two extra sets of hands. It do her so versatile.

I decided to restyle her a little. First I took off her braid and I discovered the terrible reality of her hair rooting.

So I took of all her hair for to play a little with some wigs or reroots. I also repainted her eyes, put rooted eyelashes and nose earring…

… and tattoos (Three of them are miniatures of my own tattoos because Tamy is my VERY improved mini-me :D.)…

… and made her new french manicure for all sets of hands.

Here is Tamy with different wigs (her head has more realistic size – smaller than other Tonner dolls – , so I thing, the better wig size for her is 4-5 inch):

This is my favorite wig for Tamy, but finally I decided to reroot her completely, because she is my newest travel doll and I need her hair very resistant and versatile.

So here is the final Tamy´s look with rerooted hair:



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