My work and short bio in Haute Doll Magazine (March/April2015)

First Im sorry especially for my English. My native language is Czech and my second language is Spanish but I decided to write the blog in English because is the most used language in the world of the doll collectors and the absolute mayority of my cliens are from USA, but I know that my English isnt so good. So please, be patient with me .

Well, my name is Tamara and Im doll collector, tonner doll fanatic and I was founder and coordinator of Plaza Mildendo. What does means coordinator? – webmaster, photograph, designer, customer service, artisan, messenger and more , all the work except the carpenter´s creations.

When I wrote about the future of Plaza Mildendo here one year ago, I really wanted to find new carpenter and revive the proyect with him, but I was so disillusioned that I put more atention to my real job… I almost left the world of dolls. My passion for the fashion dolls was severely affected and I also sold a lot of them :(.  I really hated to think about Plaza Mildendo. But so far I was able to leave it – finally.  Plaza Mildendo is closed! But I feel so relieved now! I can breathe more easily! I think I finally can to play with my dolls and create for them again. No furniture, no irresponsable e impuntual carpenter = no stress for me = new start.


New start = Nuevo inicio = N. I.=   N. I. by T. F.  –  My new dolly (not only because I would like to add creations for humans :D) project. T. F. because I´m the only person behind this project.

Obviously, I’m aware that without the fabulous Mildendo´s furniture my project is only one more in the dolly world. But the dolls are my hobby and my therapy, not real job, so I really prefer not to sell anything to be stressed about working with a new carpenter. I would like to feel again the same passion for this hobby as before Plaza Mildendo.

For the same reason I decided to created new name, new logo, new design and new website. I have no relation with Mildendo Furniture and I really don´t want to have it!

Thank you very much for your understanding and support!

T. F.


PS: You could meet me in any doll group, flickr or facebook as Tamushf, Tamushf79, Fritamcz or simply N.I. by T.F.


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  1. Hi, I collect some of Tonner Dolls and use them as cast member for video I make based on Twilight Saga novels and movie. You may want to go to Youtube and check Twilight and Fascination or my my newest called Breaking Dawn of Eternity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnicEv-RUPA. We may have similar interest. Liked your photos.

  2. Hiya,
    i have seen this coffin for SD bjd dolls on flickr,
    and it is very very pretty and very very well made.
    i have a Lucifor model Angell-Studio doll, for me he is a vampire,
    and he is in dire need of one such coffin.
    help please?

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