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News – My trip to the Czech Republic

As always a big apologies for to long time without posting. We, Marceline and I, were really very busy :). I just started an partial time job in a office and I had to go for some weeks to Prague for the capacitation. So I´m reallly sorry to leave this place and my dolls for months but now, thanks to my insufferable neighbor (in addition to jet lag) I can write at 3:45 a.m. Who needs sleep?

Well, I suppose the whole world of doll collectors was in shock because of the information about Tonner Doll Company future. I´m a big fan of their dolls. I have another brands in my collection but always I will love Tonner girls and boys more than the others. Tonner is my first love in this fascinating collector world and I will never forget the fabulous feeling when I received my first Tonner couple – Blush & Bashful Basic Esme and Basic 2016 Russel Williams.

I bought them with my great friend Erika and I picked them up during my stay in Prague in 2006. More than ten years ago. More than ten years of joy, passion, enjoyment, creativity, learning and new friends from literaly whole world.

I´m not sure if I will be able to follow new image of Tonner Doll Company. Jazz is a great doll but she is so different… I saw some photos of Phyn & Aero dolls and they look amazing, but I don´t like BJD resin dolls. And their prices. Now the mexican peso is really devalued so every doll I buy costs twice more to me then five years ago.  +300 USD more shipping is too much for me now. No way.

Of course there are more details about my future as a doll collector. I have no time lately, I have a lot of economic obligations and I have so many beautiful dolls closed in their boxes. So I decided to change the course of my hobby a little. But, obviously, I had to buy my last Tonner (or Wilde) doll before :).


Yes, Simple Little Miette – Raven is mine :).  When Wilde presented Miette I was very tempted to buy her and this one was my favourite. But I just had bought Halvar and I decided to wait. But she was sold out very quickly and it´s rare to find her in e-bay.

And then I received the notice about my capacitation in Prague and I checked the web-site of my another great friends from Czech Republic,  Lenka and David from What a surprise they had Simple Little Miette – Raven in stock :D. So I inmediately wrote to Lenka about my plan and we, Marceline (of course Marceline had to go with me 😀 ) and I, brought Miette (now Lena) from Prague, in the same way when I had brought Esme and Russel ten years ago. The circle is closed.

Miette is so simbolic to me. She is probably my last  doll, I brought her from Czech Republic and bought her to my favourite sellers :D. So Miette now is part of my collection, part of my Deja Vu – Primrose – Imperium Park gang 😀 and I decided to name her Lena thanks to my friend Lenka, of course.

Well, so I was in Prague, I bought Lena and I met to Lenka and David, but I also recieved a lot of fantastic presents from Lenka (, Erika ( and Svetlana (, as always, and I took some photos of Lena and Marceline during my stay in Czech Republic.

There are my little treasures from the trip:


All made by Blacksvetlus (Svetlana)


All made by (Erika)


Presents from and my fabulous Lena.


And Lena with this cute bottle I received from KLM during my flight :).

Of course, I will create for my dolls. I have so many beautiful dolls and I have a lot of new ideas for them. So this is not “Adiós” to my hobby. It´s only little change. I hope it will be positive…

News… or just spring greetings from Mexico

Well, first a big appology for long silence. Marceline is OK but I was really busy so I had no time to write another chapter of her diary.

One of the reasons I was so busy, it was my work on a large and very dificult translation from Czech to Spanish I had to finish last week… It burned my brain so this week I wasn´t able to write in English or to create for dolls.  But the good side of this “problem” was the fact that I finally could buy Agatha Primrose Yoyo Mode with the extra money from the translation :). 


When Tonner presented Agatha I liked her but I was sure I wouldn´t buy her. I have Revlon 13 and I don´t need another doll with the same body. But months ago I saw Deborah´s photos of Agatha with Déjà Vu girls. I began to imagine Yoyo Mode as a little sister for Marceline and in that moment was born Monique…

But I had to wait a little because I just had bought Kristoff (Halvar) and he was really expensive. Thanks to the “Alexander´s relative autonomy of the culture (the theme of the document I translated 🙂 ) I was able to buy Agatha last week. Now she is in NY on way to me :), I hope, she will arrive next week.

And the second reason for to be away from the dolly world it was the amazing surprise which my husband and I have prepared for my son. Pablo loves pets, specially dogs so after much consideration we decided to give him a puppy <3.  We were so lucky… our friend´s nice yorkie just had puppies so they gave us one.

Chirpa (our little yorkie terror) is adorable but she´s too young so I´m working  or I playing with her all the time. I hope everything will be easier when she will can to go out for a walk but for this moment she had to be here all the time and she is very active :).


I hope I will be back with the Marceline´s diary next Tuesday… I have so much plans…  but first I have to finish next chapter of Marceline´s diary and new sets for FR16 I´m working on…


See you soon…  ❤

Playing with my dolly friends…

I love dolls and I would love them even if I had not met any other collector, but for me, the best way for to enjoy this hobby and play with my dolls is enyoing the time with my dolly friends. I have fabulous dolly friends especially in Czech Republic, Spain and obviously in Mexico.

In Mexico, we are very little group and each of us collects another type of dolls, but we enjoy so much to be together.  And we had a very little meeting days ago.

IMG_6085Oscar´s Yoshio with my Margueritte and Kasim 🙂

IMG_6089More Tonner dolls and Maru´s Ellowyne.

IMG_6090 IMG_6091 IMG_6093 IMG_6096Omar´s treausres.

IMG_6097 IMG_6099 IMG_6100 IMG_6101 IMG_6104 IMG_6105 IMG_6108 IMG_6110

News… or just summer greetings from Mexico.

Well, the same story… I was really very busy so I haven´t had any time for my dolls :(.  But it´s time to play a little.

When I´m very busy and I cannot  create for dolls, my only dolly activity is checking Ebay and Mister Dollface. Very dangerous. Obviously I bought some fantastic toys… and dolls.

1- Do you like the new Wilde boy? I don´t because I love Rufus :D. I´m obsessed with Rufus. I haven´t bought him because his head is too big and I´m not collector of Ellowyne… But, when I see the new Ellowynne friend , I suppose, WI will not sell Rufus more, so I decide to buy him immediately. And what a great news: my favourite canadian seller (Collections Rose & Rouge)  sold him on ebay.  Now my Candlelight Basic Rufus is on the way to Mexico 😀


2- I don´t understand why Ellowyne collectors generally don´t like Rufus. He is amazing and his story is so Ellowyne :). Ok… I have mine before it will be impossible to find him. Now he needs HIS Ellowyne :), because my Rufus will be HAPPY Rufus :D. No way 🙂 I had to buy one fabulous Ellowyne and now she is on the way too.


3- Yes, more toys. Now toys for toys. I discovered fabulous miniatures for my travel dolls, Kasim and Margueritte. First one is a fantastic Macbook in 1:4 scale and the second one is amazing miniature camara with interchangeable lens.

IMG_6167 IMG_6169

And photos with dolls… Those miniatures are so realistic!


Clothes, shoes, bracelet – Tonnerdoll
Furniture – Plaza Mildendo
Bed clothing – N.I. by T.F.
Miniature food – Erika Holubova and Rement
Curtain – Pineda Covalin :D… it´s my fabulous Pineda Covalin scarf
Guitars – ?

kasim_camara margaritte_mac


News… or just greetings from Mexico.

Well… I was a very busy with some translations and my mother´s visit so I had no time for my dolls. But finally I have some news…

1. My mother brought me to Mexico a gift from Svetlana (aca Blacksvetlus). Fabulous 1:4 handbag and nice little christmas tree.  I wanted to present the handbag with some new set for Deja Vu, but…  IMG_4310

2. The Haute Doll Magazine featured one of my creations on their FB page so I sold inmediatelly the Katarina Dia de Muertos set for FR16 (THANK YOU) and …  katalina2c2

3. I changed my minds. I decided to create the “handbag presentation set” for my fabulous FR16. I´m still working on it :(…  riviera3_3

4. A long time ago I decided to don´t buy Phineas and I always thought it was bad decision. It´s impossible to find him for reasonable price. But finally I found him – in Australia! So in this moment my Phineas is traveling to Mexico 🙂 and Marguerite is really very happy because he will be her new travel friend :D. $_57 (2)

5. … and… I know that if I post my creations on internet a lot of people can use them for take inspiration and somebody could simply copy them. Yes, I love to see the work of others but I never ever copy. Even if I inspire my creation in another dolly artist work I put the information in the description. So when I found this today I was in shock:  11008807_629298930540621_2823904483075056537_o

Here you can see MY creation and MY design created one year ago: playa_dj0playa_dj8janeen1

In fact the Playa Paraiso sets were inspired in MY another original design I made very long time ago for Hot Toys girls and that I planning to re-use for 16 inch dolls tooingrid_blanco

I’m not sure I should say in the matter… I know the lady who copied my design and she is really very nice person but …

I´m pretty sure that her creation was commission ordered by somebody who had sent her photos of my creations because I could see this modus of operation between some collectors. The client sees some nice design, but don´t buy it, only downloads the photo and sends it to some friend who will copy it for him. But I don´t know… I´m not agree.

At least… If I see any design I love, first I contact the person who created it. If that person doesn´t want to make commissions (not my case because the white set you can see on the photos I made as commission!) I ask for the permission for copy the design by me or another artist and the conditions for it.  When the copy is made I will put the name and contact of the person who designed the ORIGINAL.

I´m sorry. Any other way isn´t ethical!  There is nothing I can do but I feel used...

N.I. by T.F. in Haute Doll Magazine

Months ago my friend Lenka ( sent me the information about the plan of Haute Doll Magazine to write a article presenting indie (dolly) designers.  The rules were very simply so I sent the email with short information about me and my dolly creations to the Haute Doll Magazine editor and I waited.

I was very happy and little bit intimidated when I recieve the reply. In the email I saw the names of the others designers and I admire a lot of them. So this little apparition of mine between the big names from the dolly word in one of the most important dolly magazines is really a big honour for me.


Thank you very much to Haute Doll Magazine! Thank you very much to Lenka! And obvioustly thank you very much to my teachers: Erika, Svetlana and Karlo!

pages pages2Haute Doll Magazine website:
Haute doll Magazine FB page:

Published photos:bio1 bio2

Photos that were not published:bio3 bio4

New FB profile photo – Marguerite in Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico-city


Clothes – N.I. by T.F.
Bags – N.I. by T.F.
Jewelry – N.I. by T.F.
Shoes and sunglasses – Tonnerdoll
Marguerite – Around Town Penelope, Déjà vu by Tonnerdoll

Backround: Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico-city –