Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And bonus: I´m sorry for my disappearance from the internet world! I thouthg that my December would be very relaxed but I - fortunatelly - has some urgent translations so with the Christmas preparations and my dolly responsibilities I was very busy. But finally, I finished our Christmas card with fabulous Cristina ( Heart on... Continue Reading →

My Creativity Crisis :(

  This is the set of clothes and accessories that I´m creating two months! and still it isn´t finished :(. Usually I finish this type of set in one week. But today I finally avanced a little so I hope my crisis of creativity is finishing 😀 I have so many plans... so I really... Continue Reading →

Did not receive reply for your email?

Lately I recieved two messages via ebay from our potential clients. They complain about not receiving reply for their emails, emails that I never did receive :(. I really don´t know where is the problem because I created the aol account (when I noticed that our US clients have problems with address)  for to be... Continue Reading →

Where do I buy my dolls?

I started to collect dolls 6 years ago and during this time I met a lot of fantastic sellers. It´s incredible but I have only two bad experience with dolly sellers! And in both cases, at less, I get my money back.  But obviously I have my FAVOURITE sellers and may be you are intersted... Continue Reading →

Shoes, shoes, … shoes!

Thanks to my doll collection I learned many new things - to make dolly clothes and jewelry, to make patterns for dolly clothes, reroot, repaint, to put eyelashes, create webs with html codes, to use photoshop and blogs 😀 and also I started to use English :D.  BUT  I have never achieved to learn to make dolly... Continue Reading →

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