Christmas Gift swap – Chicas Wu Forum

In November I decided to participate in the Christmas Gift Swap organizated by Chicas Wu Forum (Forum of spanish speaking collectors of IT dolls). First  I recieved some questions about my doll collection and my tastes.   This my questionary was sent to my "Secret Santa" and I recieved another one for to choose the... Continue Reading →

News – Celebrando la muerte II (cream) – outfits + accessories for Antoinette and Revlon13 Tonner body

The set are handmade specially for dolls with Tonner Antoinette body (Antoinette, Cami, Jon, Rose, Aiko, etc) and Tonner Revlon 13 body. The sets includ top, trausers, necklace, bracelet, ring and headband. More information:  SET FOR ANTOINETTE BODY -  and SET FOR REVLON 13 BODY – ebay:

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