Playing with Yoshio and Mila… They are fabulous!!!

I just recieved two luxurious coffins in 1:4 scale ( ) and when I was taking the photos for the clients that had ordered them,  I couldn´t  resist and I started to play with my models :D. Enjoy! And another photo that I took days ago. Mila and Yoshio with the medieval throne ( ):  ... Continue Reading →

Did not receive reply for your email?

Lately I recieved two messages via ebay from our potential clients. They complain about not receiving reply for their emails, emails that I never did receive :(. I really don´t know where is the problem because I created the aol account (when I noticed that our US clients have problems with address)  for to be... Continue Reading →

An apology…

I´m really sorry for to have this blog (and dolly world) so abandoned... I have a little personal crisis and I had to  make some urgent and large translations... something very very good for my economy :DDD I hope I will be back very soon with Mildendo´s news or other presentation of more dolls from my... Continue Reading →


Hi again! For this post I decided to copy my participation in a flickr game where I was tagged. I love those games because they permit to know more about my flickr friends! It´s so interesting to see who is behind so many wonderful photos! Rules: Once you've been tagged, you're supposed to write 25... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Finally I decided to write a blog.  I have no experience with blogs. I created three webs (,, ) with html codes but in the case of the blogs Im absolute beginner. So first Im sorry for beginners errors and especially for my English. My native language is Czech and my second language is Spanish... Continue Reading →

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