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Different stories relationated with the dolls.

Marceline´s diary – Chapter X

Hi there!

First, let´s continue writing about my summer :).

When we came back from Cuernavaca I looked for another trip we could take with Monique and I discovered very cheap one to Ixtapa.  What an amazing place. Beautiful beach, clear and turquoise sea, nice people and fabulous cusine. Monique really loved it there and me too.  I hope we will back in the future. It´s the first mexican beach resort I have visited. Ixtapa is not so famous as Caribbean resorts but it´s magnificent. I can´t imagine Caribbean beaches are still more beautiful.


We had a great time in Ixtapa, enjoying the beach, ocean and magnificent weather. I have to come back with Kristoff. I missed him there so much. Yes,  I´m cheesy and I know it :D.


Talking about Kristoff… When Monique flew back to France, we had all the time for us. Everything was amazing, as a romantic movie, until we returned to the school. We enjoyed the last week so much. We went together to diferent places here in Mexico-city, we ate in nice restaurants, we also went to dance salsa :)… it was really funny because I´m very bad dancer and Kristoff too.

We forgot a rest of the world. I haven´t spoken with anybody of my friends. I suppose it was a big error because I feel them more distant, specially Margueritte and Kasim. The problem is that now, when we returned to the reality, I need to talk with someone urgently.

The truth is that since we got back to school, everything is a bit strange. I guess, chiefly because Kristoff has a new boss. Unfortunately his new boss is my new English teacher too. I don´t like her. OK, I accept, I´m jealous. She is incredibly beautiful and very sexy. And unpleasant with me… but with Kristoff is another person. She is like a tipical latin american soup opera star. So sexy, voluptuous, and very feminine but also false, double-dealing, manipulative and scheming.

The problem is that Kristoff likes her. He talks a lot about her and worse, he has spent a lot of time with her. We just finished the very first week at the school and the English departement already has had two parties. Obviously, the new boss needs to know well the whole departement.

In fact Kristoff appreciates her so much that he decided to inform her about our relationship without consulting with me. Obviously I would not have agreed, I don´t trust her. But Kristoff argued that if I had told to my boss, Antonio, so why couldn´t he tell it to his boss too.  It was our first real dispute :(.

I´m not sure if is because my jealousy… I don´t think so. Normally, I´m not a jealous person. It´s weird…

Well, I hope next post will be more optimistic :D. Meanwhile, have a great time.

Bisous à tous!

Marceline´s diary – Chapter IX

Hi all!

So long time without writing my diary. The summer vacation is almost gone. Monique will flight back to France tomorrow. I was really busy enjoying the time with my friends. I am so happy and I have so many news. This summer was the best ever. I spent it with my best friends, my adorable little sister and… my boyfriend. Yes, this is the first news :).

Well, when Monique arrived to Mexico we enjoyed some time here. I introduced her to all my friends, she begun to study the summer course and we visited some of the most important places of Mexico-city.

Then we traveled to Cuernavaca as I had written in my last post. What a gorgeous house. Large garden, swiming pool, a lot of nice rooms and fabulous weather. But the best it was the company. We really enjoyed those days together.


It was so relaxing. We were enjoying all days talking in the garden or swiming in the pool. The guitar, sound of the fountain, barbecue, wine, a lot of vegetables and fruits – paradise. I could live my whole life there. Antonio is a lucky man. Ah… he came to visit us there but unfortunatelly he couldn´t stay long time, because he was going to Acapulco where his family spent the vacation.

I was a little worried about the Kristoff´s presence in our family group but it was amazing. Monique likes him so much. Of course she doesn´t  loves him as much as she loves Kasim, because Kasim is her big brother :).  My cousins and Kasim accepted him without problems too. And me?


Well, it´s strange to write about it, but this is my diary, so I have to do it :). I never have imagined that Kristoff would have been interested in me.  Of course, I like it. He is very nice person, fabulous friend and yes, he is handsome too.  Not my type exactly, but handsome. But I supposed he had some sweet and beautiful mexican girlfriend, which was the real reason for him to stay in Mexico. I never have thought so much about his private life and I am also very clumsy on these issues. So it was really surprising when Kristoff talked with me about his feelings.

 At the first moment I wanted to answer him that I liked him so much as a friend  but then he took my hands in his. The sensation was incredible! I´m not exactly a romantic person so I can´t believe that it was the famous chemistry :), but I´m sure it was really very nice and magical.

Doesn´t matter if it was because of the famous chemistry, wine or simply because I have been a long time without any type of romantic relationship, but finally  I didn´t say anything I had planned. I just kissed Kristoff as answer.


And that was the best decision I would have made… It happened more than a month. Now I am sure I´m in love with Kristoff and I´m really very happy.

The only thing I am afraid of the problems our relationship could cause in the Institute. Kristoff is not my teacher but finally he teaches there.

Well, this was the first post about my summer. I hope I will write more very soon because I have more news :).

Good night, my friends!

Marceline´s diary – Chapter VIII

Hello! How are you?

This time I have no news. My last days was little bit boring because when I finally had finished all my exams I got sick. The same story always when some stressfull time ends. I supose when the adrenaline decreases, the immune system weakens too. So I spent my last week at home. The only contact I had with the exterior world was thanks to Kristoff… and the internet of course.

I´m very happy Kasim and Margueritte are dating but I never have imagined that Kasim could be so distant with me :(. No way… It´s time to be more independent. But it´s actually unpleasant to be sick alone in a foreign country. I had no idea how the health system works here in Mexico. So first I tried to heal myself with a lemon tea and honey and a classic chicken soup. Unfortunatelly the fever increased so I had to ask a favor to Kristoff.

The doctor gave me antibiotic so I felt me better very soon. Anyway Kristoff  kept bringing chicken soup from the local “mercado” all this week :D. Ah… and that strange dense green dring, some kind of smoothie, called “licuado antigripal”. Kristoff  is the best roomie ever.

My problem was that obviously he couldn´t to be at home all the time so it was really boring. So boring that I have watched two korean soap operas  (I love korean “dramas” 🙂 ) and many movies at Netflix. I finished two Spanish and two English courses on Memrise and than I have started Italian and Russian courses in Duolingo. For those who never have heard about Memrise and Duolingo, they are fabulous smartphone´s  Apps for help you to learn foreigner languages for free. I love them and I´m absolutely adicted to both of them.  Yes, I know, I´m crazy.

The Italian is much easier for me. Of course it´s very similar to Spanish. Although can you explain me why “caramella” and “tigre” are female gender in Italian? 🙂 On the contrary Russian is another story. First I took the course of the cyrilic alphabet because  I always have been fascinated and intimidated by different kinds of alphabets. When I finished that course, I decided to begin the course of Russian for to practice more. But this language is a real nightmare :). I´m still not able to write correctly “Здравствуйте” (a formal greeting) without any help. Now I understand why some  people complain of French orthography :D. For example Kristoff.



Monique and I in front of the Musée de la Poupée in Paris. ❤

Well, the recapitulation: I watched Netflix, I studied languages and of course I have prepared some plans and surprises for Monique´s visit. She will arrived next week. I can´t wait :). I miss her so much. I bought her a fabuous doll on ebay I´m sure she will love her. Monique is obssesed with the dolls. Especially with one of them we bought during out visit in Musée de la Poupée  (the doll museum in Paris). We named her Nicole.  My mother forbade Monique to travel with Nicole to Mexico. So I decided to buy her another one here.  The doll I bought is made by the same company as Nicole but she has tan skin, black hair and dark eyes. I´m going to transform her to a Nicole´s mexican friend :).

Another plan I have is our trip to Cuernavaca, a town near to Mexico-city. Antonio, my boss, has a nice house with garden and swiming pool there and I decided to rent it for few days. The original plan it was to go with Monique only but when I talked with Michelle, she said me she would like to go with us. Then Michelle talked with Margueritte. Obviously Margueritte and Kasim want to go too. So I also invited Kristoff. 🙂 Fortunately the house is very large and Antonio agrees.

Well… that´s all, my friends :).  Now I´m going to watch another chapter of my korean soap opera :).

до свидания. Saluti e baci a tutti. 😀






Marceline´s diary – Chapter VII

Coucou! Ça va bien? ❤

I hope you have had better week than I do.  First I failed the exam of the mexican Constitutional law… I will have to repeat it next week :(. Then, during my exam of consecutive interpreting, I caused a terrible faux pas because I spoke in French when I had to speak in Spanish and vice versa and I did not realize that until Antonio started laughing. I was so nervous.

I suppose the worst moment of my last week it was the second when I spilled hot coffee (with almond milk) into my laptop. Fortunately I saved the hard drive but the keyboard was totally lost. I had to buy external keyboard for to be able to finish the translations I needed for the evaluation. And when my parents sent me the money for to buy new laptop I finally could go to buy it. But I know NOTHING about technology. The only thing I knew it was that I don´t want Mac :).

I hoped Kasim would help me but he never answered the phone. So I went to the first big department store and I bought what the salesman had recommended to me. I have no idea if is good laptop or not but it works… Well, now it works because when I returned from the shop I realized that the computer didn´t have any program… only Windows 10. I was really hysterical and in that moment I saw the date on on the bottom bar of the screen – May 29th.

My birthday! I forgot my own birthday! And worst even Kasim, Michelle, Marguerite, Monique and my parents have forgot my birthday. I couln´t believe it. My father and Kasim? Impossible. I felt so alone… Suddenly the laptop was shutted down by itself and I started crying. Now I know the problem wasn´t so serious. The computer battery was simply over 🙂 but in that momment I imagined that I had bought damaged machine.

Well, when  I was really desperate Kristoff came home… with a shopping bag full of bread from Maison Kayser (famous French bakery), French cheeses, pâté and one bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. The unique person remembered my birthday, including me, was my fabulous roomie. Incredible :). What a nice surprise and what a sweet gesture!


So we opened the bottle inmediatly and I talked him about all disasters I have had during the last week. Kristoff sent a WhatsApp to one of our neighbors, Patricio – IT specialist, and he invited him to join us :). Patricio came inmediately and obviously discovered the reason of the “lack of energy” of my laptop. During a few hours we were enjoying the improvised French birthday party he uploaded to my new laptop all programs I needed. I was so happy… and little bit drunk. Of course, I opened another bottle of wine when the gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon was caput :). But it was Saturday… so no problem.

Now, in the morning I discovered my dead mobil phone. When I relived it I found all lost birthday wishes from my “old” friends. I´m a such lucky girl. I have a great “old” and fabulous “new” friends so I think it doesn´t matter if I have bad luck at the school or with the computers :).

Okay, I hope my next week will be more successful. I promise I will never put coffee near the computer again. And now, let´s study The Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico :(…

Un gros gros câlin!

PS: By the way, Patricio is really handsome guy 😉 …  and I´m writting this post from my new and VERY funtional laptop :).








Marceline´s diary – Chapter VI

Bonsoir, mes amis!

I´am really very sorry for so long time without any post. The last time I wrote, we were planning our first trip to Teotihuacan. And it was fabulous. What an amazing place. Unfortunately Michelle and Margueritte couldn´t join us. I´m sure it would be gorgeous to go with Margueritte because she knows so much about Pre-Columbian cultures and above all about Teotihuacan. I hope we will we’ll go back together someday.

So I went there with Kasim only.  We enjoyed it so much. We talk about everything during the bus ride, as in the old days in France :). He finally said me about his relationship with Margueritte. And in Teotihuacan we walked a lot and of course we climbed the most important pyramids – The Pyramide of the Sun and the Pyramide of the Moon. It was magical.


The last week the final exams have started and I am working on my final project so I have no time. Even in this moment I should be translating but my brain is burned. The part of the final evaluation is a traslation of some mexican legal text. And I hate it. I definitely prefer prose. The problem is that if you are not a famous and magnificent translator, you will starve if you choose to translate literature only :(. And I´m not famous and magnificent… yet :). For the same reason I have chosen to study legal spanish and introduction to law too.

So I have spent a major part of my time at the school, preparing glossaries and studying at home. I have no news. My life is so boring. I’ve always thought that the life of an exchange student is full of adventures. Not my case. I hope, it will change in summer above all on vacation.

First because I will haven´t classes and second because Monique will come to visit me. Yes, she will spent her summer vacation here in Mexico. Thanks God without my parents :). Of course I miss them, especially my father, but I don´t like travel with them. My mother can be so overwhelming. The first idea was that she would come with Monique but for Monique this trip is a birthday gift and she wants to travel alone for first time.

I have prepared a plan a little. We will travel here in Mexico and because Monique wants to improve her school Spanish, I enrolled her in the summer school course the Institute organize every years for foreigners. I suppose she will be the younger student there but she is very inteligent and she loves “to be adult” :). I thought that the problem would be the accommodation but fortunately Kristoff does not mind Monique lives with us in the summer.

Talking about Kristoff and my new home :)… I´m so happy I moved out from the student residence. Kristoff is a great roomie. I really like him. The only thing I hate about him is his accent in French :).  Well, it´s a reciprocal affair, because he hates my accent in English. And I have to say that my English accent is really frightening. We usually speak Spanish but we decided to take advantage of our multilingual home so we use to one hour per day for the language exchange. One day English and the other French. It´s hilarious, very funny.

Well… I hope I will write again soon. But please be patient with me…

Mille baisers…

Marceline´s diary – Chapter V

Hello everybody!

Here I´m with more news about my mexican adventure.

Last Saturday I moved from the student residence. I spent the Sunday at home. First I did my homeworks and houseworks because I had work in Antonio´s house on Saturday evening. So all my stuff was in boxies without any order. By the way I LOVE the washing machine :). Yes, I know, it´s weird but I hate the idea that somebody unknow is touching my clothes.

Then Kasim, Margueritte and Michelle visited me. We had a great afternoon. We were talking, laughing so much and planning our first trip to Teotihuacan for the next weekend. Finally. Kristoff was out all day. He came back in evening, so he joined us for the dinner. We ordered tacos from his favourite restaurant. Do you know tacos al pastor? It´s a heaven. Mexican cuisine is really exquisite. The only thing I miss here is a good bread. Mexican bread is rare and tastes sweet. Horrible. The european bread is good here, there is a french bakery near to the house, but is so expensive… I defenitely prefer to eat corn tortilla now :).

Margueritte and Michelle left at nine o´clock and Kasim a little later. Kristoff and I decided to open a bottle of french vine I had bought for to thank him for the opportunity of living out of residence. We drank wine, ate cheese and talked a lot. So now I know that he is from New Mexico, where he lived all his life until he came to Mexico for finish his Master of Universal Literature. Well, except one year international exchange programme in Bath University. During the last year of his studies in Mexico he began to teach english conversation in the Institute and when he finished his Master, the Institute hired him permanently for different classes of literature and creative writing, all of them in English. He also colaborates with various magazines and of course he is working on his own book… second one.

What a lucky guy! He lives a life he wants… and above all he knows what he wants.


We talked about a little about my family and my friends here in Mexico. Nothing too interesting. I invited him to join us to Teotihuacan but I suppose he has another plan. Obviously he has been a lot of times in Teotihuacan because every visit he has want to go there. He said he will let me know until Thursday.

Well, we both drank two glasses of wine and I decided to go to the bed. It was nice day and I really enjoyed his company but I had to wake up early on Monday.

Yesterday, on Monday, I was focused on my study. I will have a first oral exam on Wednesday so I´m little bit nervous. Political geography of Mexico… I love it but there are so much rare names. Iztaccíhuatl is one of the easiest to pronounce :). I have to say those words very slowly a lot of times for to be able to pronounce them without stuttering.

Today I was all day in the Institute. First for my usual classes of theory and linguistic, in the afternoon I had the french conversation with my students so I came back to my new home in the evening again. Now I´m really tired of studying. Doesn´t matter if I´m able to pronounce “archipiélago de Revillagigedo” or not. I made my dinner, poor quesadilla with canned chipotle salsa, and I´m writing this post.  Kristoff isn´t at home so I´m enjoying my loneliness and fabulous silence.

And now, my friends, I´m going to bed… Good night!


Marceline´s diary – Chapter IV

Hi all!

I know, two Tuesdays without new post. But I was really busy. The first Tuesday I “survived” my first earthquake. I adore this city but this experience was horrible. It was a earthquake of low magnitude and without losses so I´m not sure what I will do during a major one.

I hated it. The sirens began to sound very strong. Everybody started to leave the Institute serenely but I was very nervous. Yes, I didn´t feel the movement of the floor to much but the situation made me hysteric. And we were in the second floor… Now imagine, I live in the tenth floor of the student recidence. In that momment I decided to move out :).

I know, I´m exaggerated…  But during the earthquake I felt so defenceless and very scared. In Europe we are not used to something like that. The earthquake there are generally low and very rare.

Well, I decided to look for any other room. Unfortunately the Institute is not the only owner of the residence. The first five floors are designed to the students of another university.  Kasim want to stay in his current room, so I have to look alone. The problem is that I have no money. I asked to Antonio, my boss, if he I could to teach more groups, but in the Institute is impossible. Anyway he helped me so much because he offered me to be the baby-sitter of his children twice a week. Fortunately they are fabulous and Antonio´s wife too.

Playing with Paulina y Sebastian, Antonio`s children.

Playing with Paulina y Sebastian, Antonio`s children.

And… on last Monday I went to the school office to ask about possibility to offer private French lessons to the students of the Institute. When I was explaining my situation, the secretary rolled her eyes. Obviously… I´m crazy because I want to find work for to spend all my money for some room in first floor. So I felt really bad, like a exaggerated hysteric.

I left the office thinking about my possible madness 🙂 when somebody stopped me. I have known him from the Institute´s corridors. He introduced himself as Kristoff and said he had an interesting offer for me. He lives near to institute, in the first floor and… he is looking for roommate just now. Amazing…  He witnessed my abasement by the Institute´s secretary. And the price? Fabulous… Only 3000 pesos monthly. The same price I pay for the residence bedroom. I was in heaven.

On Tuesday I visited him for to see my future home and at this evening I´m finally leaving the residence. My fear of the earthquake is bigger than the fear of living with an unknown man :). But I think, I like Kristoff. I thought he was a student of the Institute, but he is actually one of the foreigner teachers from the English department. Kasim knows him better, he takes one of his classes – English and American Literature. Too much for my Franglish :).

The apartment is very small but really nice. I will have more space than in the residence bedroom. I will have access to the washing machine!!! I don´t like to use public laundry. Of course, the fact that I will share the kitchen and bathroom with only one person, it´s great too. So I´m really happy.

Ah… changing the theme and returning to Kasim. Of course he is dating with Margueritte.  But it´s a secret. I know it thanks to Michelle. I don´t understand why Kasim doesn´t want to say me. I think it´s great! Maybe he suppose that it´s will be rare for me because of my old feelings, but it´s ridiculous. I love them both so much, I hope they will be very happy together.