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N. I. by T. F. shoping bags – tutorial and pfd patterns

If you are my client you know that I always send small present to you. That present you can find it inside  a small shopping bag with N.I. by T.F. logo. I started to fabricate them for Plaza Mildendo years ago, obviously with the Mildendo´s logo.  I enjoy so much preparing this little detail for my customers so I decided to redesign the same shopping bags fro N.I. by T.F. project too.

Years ago I also posted the tutorial for Mildendo´s shopping bags. But Plaza Mildendo doesn´t exist more, so I decided to remove that post and now I´m presenting you the similar tutorial and patterns for three sizes of new bags and a small heart-shaped box. If you decide to use this patterns for your dolls it would be a honour :).  



for the small bag (measures of the front side: 5.3 x 6.1 cm) – smallbagnibytf

for the medium bag (measures of the front side: 6.6 x 7.5 cm) – mediumbagnibytf

for the medium bag (measures of the front side: 7.8 x 8.8 cm) – largebagnibytf

bolsas1For the shopping bags you will need: Scissors, needle, Pritt, tape, legal size paper with the print of the paterrn, red wrapping paper and white thread.

1/ Cut the impression as you see in the picture: bolsas2

2/ Fold the impression as you see in the picture: bolsas3

3/ Paste the lateral sides of the bag with the Pritt as you see in the picture: bolsas3a

4/ Paste the underside of the bag first with Pritt and then use tape for the fold as you see in the picture:bolsas4

4/ Make the holes with needle (in the extreme parts of the rectangle of the pattern:bolsas5

5/ Insert with needle the thread through the holes previously made ​​and knotted. Fold the red wrapping paper:bolsas6

6/ Done… Happy shopping 🙂bolsas7


for heart-shaped box (measures of the front side: 45 x 4 cm) – heartboxnibytf

cajita1For the heart-shaped box you will need: Scissors, needle, Pritt, light pink cardboard, legal size paper with the print of the pattern and red thin ribbon.

1/ Cut the impression and make the holes with needle as you see in the picture: cajita2

2/ Paste the impression to the cardboard as you see in the picture: IMG_8127

3/ Cut the cartboard and fold the impression as you see in the picture: cajita3

4/ Paste the lateral sides of the box with Pritt as you see in the picture: IMG_8135

4/ Close the box as you see in the picture and insert the thin ribbon through the holes:cajita4

5/ Make a bow and the box is done 🙂 cajita5



Déjà Vu – new (2013) fashion doll by Tonnerdoll – comparations

New doll in my collection… new head sculpt in my collection and new BODY in my collection :D…  So here are the photos of comparisons and a small report on the fabulous newest Tonnerdoll  girl – Déjà Vu:

From the left to the right: Vinyl Evangeline (first generation) by Wilde Imagination, Antoinette body by Tonnerdoll, Déjà Vu body by Tonnerdoll, Tyler BW body by Tonnerdoll, FR 16 body by Integrity Toys, Resin Evangeline (first generation) by Wilde Imagination. dejavu_porovnani3dejavu_porovnani2 dejavu_porovnani1

You can see, she has a bigger head and her body is very skinny. She is so thin that her body almost looks like the bodies of some 1:6 dolls, I think, specially in the case of Revlon 13´ body. Although obviously Déjà Vu body is much higher. From the left to the right: Playline Barbie body by Mattel, Déjà Vu body by Tonnerdoll, Revlon 13´body by Tonnerdoll. comparation_dejavu_16_2 comparation_dejavu_16

Her height is perfect to fit with another 16 – 18 dolls by Tonnerdoll. From the left to the right: Jackob Black – Hero body, Déjà Vu , Damian Salvatore – Matt body.dejavu1

Déjà Vu vs. Tyler : She can use all Tyler clothes, but they don´t fit perfectly because Déjà Vu is very thin. Some of the clothes would need to be adjusted. I suppose the strapless tops or dresses, corsets or another similar Tyler clothes couldn´t be used for Déjà Vu because her bust is really small. But you can see, generally she looks good in Tyler´clothes :D. Unfortunatelly Tyler cannot to wear Déjà Vu´s clothes! They can exchange the shoes and jewelry without any problems.

Sweter made for Tyler – too big. Original tonnerdoll jeans – big in the waist and thighs. Shoes for Ellowyne  fits perfectly.


Original gown for Tyler body – too big in the bust and the shoulders.


Déjà Vu vs. Teen body : She can use all  Teen´s clothes, but they don´t fit perfectly because Deja Vu is thinner and taller. Some of the clothes would need to be adjusted. I suppose the strapless tops or dresses, corsets or another similar teen´s clothes couldn´t be used for Déjà Vu – the same problem as with Tyler´s body. Some pants and long dresses made for Teen body would be short for Déjà Vu. Unfortunatelly Teen body cannot to wear Deja Vu´s clothes! They can exchange the shoes and jewelry without any problems.

Dress made for Teen body – big in the bust and shoulders.  Shoes for Tyler fits perfectly. Glasses for Tyler fits perfectly too.dejavu_teenbody

Déjà Vu vs. Antoinette: The Antoinette body is the most similar to the Déjà Vu.  She can use all  Antoinette´s clothes, but some pants don´t fit perfectly because Deja Vu is thinner. Some of the clothes would need to be adjusted.  Unfortunatelly Antoinette body cannot to wear all Deja Vu´s clothes! The dress I have  doesn´t close on Antoinette body. They can exchange the shoes and jewelry without any problems.

Antoinette´s lingerie – big in the hips.  dejavu_antoinettedejavu_antoinette2

Déjà Vu vs. FR16: She can use all  FR16´s clothes, but they don´t fit perfectly because Deja Vu is thinner and smaller. Some of the clothes would need to be adjusted. I suppose the strapless tops or dresses, corsets or another similar FR16´s clothes couldn´t be used for Déjà Vu – the same problem as with Tyler´s body. Unfortunatelly FR16 cannot to wear Deja Vu´s clothes! They exchange the  jewelry without any problems.

FR16 clothes and shoes – big in the bust and hips. The pants are too long.  Shoes doesn´t fit prefectly but is possible to use them.dejavu_fr16dejavu_fr16_shoes2 dejavu_fr16_shoes1

Déjà Vu vs. Revlon 13´: She can use some elastic Revlon´s clothes. Obviously Revlon is smaller so her pans, skirts and dresses would be too short.  I supose the Revlon´s shoes would be small for Déjà Vu . For the same reasons the Revlon  cannot use Deja Vu´s clothes or shoes!

Revlon´s elastic lingerie fits well.dejavu_revlon

Collectors of fashion doll vs. collectors of action figures

Yes, I´m fashion doll collector. I love to create clothes, jewelry and fashion accessories for my dolls. I usually look for my inspiration in fashion magazines or fashion blogs. But I´m not fascinated by real fashion world, I´m fascinated by MINIATURE world. So I really love to follow the different branches of this hobby – fashion dolls, miniatures, doll houses or action figures.

Lately is normal to see action figures in the collections of the fashion doll collectors. And sometime is possible to see barbie or ken doll as a part of the action crew. But the fashion doll community and the action figures community generally don´t cooperate too much.  And I think it´s a pity, because we can to learn so much each other.

Of course, your fashion dolls don´t want to use military uniforme (out of the thematic photo shoot :D), but at the action figures community you can learn to fabricate very realistic accessories and then you will use the similar technique for to made the fashion handbags, belts or design furniture for your dolls.  Of course, the action figures will not use the high heel and red carpet gown for the combat (even if is originally barbie doll :D) but at the fashion doll community an action figures collector will learn to make patterns or  the tricks of the fashion couture for to fabricate easilly more realistic uniforms… etc, etc, etc…

We are both little bit freak :D… and our miniature worlds are very similar!

Well… But why am I writing this novel (I´m sorry I  can not write briefly, even in my czech-spanglish!) Months ago I met personally one of my two very appreciated friends – action figures collectors – GUSTAVO. And he gave me a lot of fabulous accessories for my (very pacifists :D) dolls… I took pictures of all things, but I forgot to publish them. And last week I discovered the fantastic photos of the celebration of  “PREMIOS UN SEXTO SENTIDO 2012” (awards of the Un sexto sentido forum – forum for spanishspeaking action figures collectors), where one of the nominated was also Gustavo! Congratulation!!! And another CONGRATULATION  to my another very appreciated friend PACO for the AMAZING story,  incredible!!!

Of course, at that time I remembered the gift from Gustavo and immediately I decided to publish the photos of fantastic leather accessories made by Gustavo modeled by my approx. 1:6 scale FASHION dolls – Miss Revlon 13 by Tonnerdoll and Francisco León Fashion Royalty Homme by Integrity Toys. Enjoy!


Are you interested in any commissions by Gustavo? Here is his FB:

and greetings for all action figures collectors 😀

Basic patterns for Revlon 13 doll

1. all patterns are made by me… so they aren´t professional patterns!!!

2. these patterns aren´t professional … so please, use them for your personal use ONLY!

3. all patterns are without allowance!

4. the number of pieces, I wrote, you have to cut  is for the clothes without lining! (except the pattern “C”! If you would like to make lining you will have to cut another set of pieces.

5. the patterns are drawn on legal size page (21,59 cm x 35, 56 cm)

Example of the clothes made with these patterns:


The Mexican post office has a little problem with its tracking system. Please don´t worry! I checked all packet with the post office and everythink is OK.  The problem is that the tracking number with “RP” appear in the system as a foreing numbers deliveried in Mexico. It´s system problem only!!! Obvisouly the numbers with “MX” have to be mexican tracking number!!! So is impossible that some of those numbers would be of foreign packet deliveried in Mexico.  I discovered another “crazy” tracking number that appears as mexican packet deliveried in USA before I sent it :S. But is another error because the mexican system registrates more events after the “delivery” and the USPS system shows the way of the packet without problem.

The second problem of the Mexican post service now is that all packets stay 1-2 weeks in mexican aerport after to be sent out of Mexico(depositado en valija). Im not sure about the reason. Im sorry! I think is the new system of mexican customs control. I hope all your packets will deliveried safely! Dont worry Im check daily all tracking numbers of packets sent by me so if I see any problem I will contact the mexican post servie inmediatelly!

Thank you for your patience!!!


Another risk – How to put rooted eyelashes to your Tonnerdoll?!!!

I´m sorry, at the anterior post I forgot to mention another risk of the process! When you are making the holes along the superior line of the doll´s eye you had to be very careful because  the holes must be very close for to achieve a beautiful effect. BUT not so close for to prevent a little disaster – unite two or more little holes in BIG one!!!  The vinyl used for Tonnerdoll heads is very good and hard. Generally is very difficult to broke that dolls (head or body) :D, but never abound the precautions! The number of the holes depends on your taste but if you want close eyelashes,  please, use very thin needle and be very careful!

In the case of another doll, Barbie for example, on the contrary the vinyl is very soft so I would prefer to put the holes with more space between them. Ah… and if you would like to remove Barbie head, please consult it with Barbie collectors because that doll has anonther system of her neck so is more difficult!!! and I don´t know do it!!!

Some of my Tonnerdolls with rooted eyelashes:

How to put rooted eyelashes to your Tonnerdoll?

I really love my Tonnerdolls with their original faces but the rooted eyelashes make them even more beautiful. Their faces seem more real and the three-dimensional effect of the real eyelashes looks fabulous in the photos. So when Carlos (Karlo Perez), mexican FR collector, taught me how to root the eyelashes to FR and Barbie dolls I decided to put them to all my female Tonnerdolls.

It´s really very easy, but obviously the process has a risks (- so Im not responsible for any damage you can cause to your doll :()!!! One of them and I think the most dangerous is to remove the doll head :(. Usually it is easy, I use hair dryer for to heat the vinyl, but please be very careful with the doll hair!!! because if the hair will be heat too, you will burn it!!! – everytime use thick towel for to protect it!!!  I had only two problems – both with the teen-body (Bella, Dorothy) – so I do NOT recommend trying to remove the head from that type of body!!!

Well now you will need: thin but hard needles (a lot of needles because is possible that you will broke some of them), black (or brown) saran or nylon hair, scissors, tweezers for jewelry, crotchet hook, styling gel for hair, toothpick and two little hair clips.

First step is to root hole by hole ( I use 4 hair for 1 hole) along the top line of the doll´s eye ( I usually start form the “outside” to the nose). First you root 4 hair to the first hole, then you root another 4 hair to the second hole and then you make a knot (I use the crotchet hook for it) with the 8 rooted hair. I´m not sure if is understunding :(. Im sorry 😦 but this is the classic rerooting method – called knot method –

When the knot is done pull the hair for to place the knot to the inside of the dolly head. Then you will repeat the process for to complete superior eye line.

When you finish the rooting process you will need to curl the eyelashes a little. First I use the scissers for it. For the next step I cut the excess length of the eyelashes – but NOT final lenght!

Next step is to put hair styling gel with the toothpick and curling more the eyelashes. When the gel is dry you can to cut the eyelashes depending of your taste.  I always prefer natural – real look so my dolls have short eyelashes  but depends on you :D. When the cutting is finished you can put the dolly head to the body…  I hope you will like the result!

Before to start rooting eyelashes, please, read this post too:

And here you can see the result on my fabulous Tyler: