Marceline´s diary – Chapter VIII

Hello! How are you? This time I have no news. My last days was little bit boring because when I finally had finished all my exams I got sick. The same story always when some stressfull time ends. I supose when the adrenaline decreases, the immune system weakens too. So I spent my last week... Continue Reading →

Marceline´s diary – Chapter VII

Coucou! Ça va bien? ❤ I hope you have had better week than I do.  First I failed the exam of the mexican Constitutional law... I will have to repeat it next week :(. Then, during my exam of consecutive interpreting, I caused a terrible faux pas because I spoke in French when I had... Continue Reading →

Marceline´s diary – Chapter VI

Bonsoir, mes amis! I´am really very sorry for so long time without any post. The last time I wrote, we were planning our first trip to Teotihuacan. And it was fabulous. What an amazing place. Unfortunately Michelle and Margueritte couldn´t join us. I´m sure it would be gorgeous to go with Margueritte because she knows... Continue Reading →

Marceline´s diary – Chapter V

Hello everybody! Here I´m with more news about my mexican adventure. Last Saturday I moved from the student residence. I spent the Sunday at home. First I did my homeworks and houseworks because I had work in Antonio´s house on Saturday evening. So all my stuff was in boxies without any order. By the way... Continue Reading →

Marceline´s diary – Chapter IV

Hi all! I know, two Tuesdays without new post. But I was really busy. The first Tuesday I "survived" my first earthquake. I adore this city but this experience was horrible. It was a earthquake of low magnitude and without losses so I´m not sure what I will do during a major one. I hated... Continue Reading →

Marceline in Historic center of Mexico City

Mexico City is a crazy place. A place with many problems. Of course, it´s megalopolis and one of the largest  and most populous cities in the world.  But it is also a wonderful and magic place with a unique energy. The place full of really nice people, gorgeous architecture,  majestic history and exquisite cuisine. Do... Continue Reading →

Marceline´s diary – Chapter I.

Well... my name is Marceline Valois and this is my diary :).  I have never ever written a diary before ...  This is a my English teacher´s idea,  something like "school project" but I think is really fabulous. BTW: I love my new English teacher. Yes, that´s me. With my hipster glasses :), gift from... Continue Reading →

Marceline´s New Year trip – III. part – El Paso, Texas (USA)

Years ago I visited El Paso with my another travel doll, Blanca : So this time I didn´t take photos of downtown. Marceline visited the neighbordhood: ... The beautiful campus of University of Texas at El Paso: More about University of Texas at El Paso: ... Murchison Park, where she enjoyed its spectacular... Continue Reading →

Kasim´s trip to Mexicapa (Mexico)

Mexicapa is very little village near Cuernavaca. We went fo Mexicapa for to visit a very nice restaurant specializing in quesadillas, tacos and trouts. The restaurant´s garden is really amazing for to take dolly photos. This is the first Kasim´s trip and I had no time for to prepare some special outfit for him. So... Continue Reading →

Marguerite´s trip to Zipaquirá (Colombia)

Our first trip to South America and it was really amazing. The only bad thing was that we had 3 days only so we just visited Bogotá and Zipaquirá. Amazing people, amazing cities, amazing atmosphere. Very good cuisine (not as mexican 🙂 but very good), fantastic prices, fabulous handicrafts, gorgeous colonial and modern arquitecture and... Continue Reading →

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