Katalina – Día de Muertos 2014 – client´s photos (THANK YOU, DIANE)

Do you remeber the two colorful sets inspirated in Día de Muertos? The sets I made for Deja Vu dolls? If not, you can see them here: https://nibytf.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/news-katalina-dia-de-muertos-2014-two-sets-for-deja-vu-now-available-for-sale/ Well, time ago I recieved some photos of these sets from Diane (THANK YOU VERY MUCH), very nice lady that had bought both sets. I really love... Continue Reading →

News: Emma – Red and Black– sets for Déjà Vu – NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE

The sets I´m presenting in this post aren´t new. I fabricated them in July of this year (https://nibytf.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/news-emma-red-and-black-sets-for-deja-vu/). Unfortunatelly I couldn´t to offer them for sale or upload them to ebay before my vacation in Europe. When I was back to home on september,  I was planning another business trip to the North of Mexico,... Continue Reading →

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