The Loneliness – My entry to Déjà Vu contest

Well... my story wasn´t selected as one of the favorites (you can vote for your favorite story and photo here:  ) but I really enjoyed to write it so if you are interested in another Déjà Vu story, here is my contribution :D. The Loneliness … My name is Marie Michelle of Châtillon. I... Continue Reading →

Blanca´s trip to Veracruz

Well, I just discovered I never have posted the photos of Blanca´s trip to Veracruz in September 2012. Months ago I prestented the incredible work of Gustavo who I met during our trip to one of most fabulous ports of Mexico but I completely forgot to upload the pictures. So... Enjoy... More about Veracruz:,_Veracruz

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